Chloe Pope-Levison

Currently, I am enrolled in my last semester at Southern Methodist University majoring in Public Relations and Strategic Communications and minoring in Journalism. I also earned a bachelor’s degree in Art History from Trinity University.

Throughout an internship at emc3 in London last summer, I developed extensive event planning expertise. emc3, an events and marketing firm, specializes in brand marketing, coordinating corporate functions, and public relations. I worked with the events team in a variety of ways, including sourcing and calling venues, negotiating with sales people, and configuring the information and figures into PowerPoints for multi-million dollar clients, such as LinkedIn and HubSpot.

At HireBetter, a boutique recruiting firm in Austin where I worked after graduating from Trinity, I developed outstanding written skills. I was the go-to person at HireBetter for all written content, from a job description to a candidate profile. A particular responsibility I undertook was to write the CEO’s weekly blogs, which required creating the message he wanted to communicate, then drafting a piece that convincingly used his voice and effectively hit his desired points.

In addition, I have a successful track record of growing a company’s social media presence across various platforms. When I first arrived at HireBetter, social media was an afterthought. The Marketing Programs Manager brought me on to assist with the social media revamp, and we established a content editorial calendar involving weekly cross-promotions with our clients to deepen partnerships, and daily features of clients, employees for Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. The activity on HireBetter social media sites climbed steadily throughout my tenure.

To see my work, check out my blogs, writing samples, video clips, and resume. Feel free to contact me for more information.