Books and Booze

Books and booze.

The pairing that sparked the works of Hemingway and Fitzgerald also inspired two Spanish civil engineers, Paco Vique and Javier Garcia del Moral, to open a venue that facilitates that intoxicating cocktail of words and spirits.

Menu (Photo by Chloe Pope-Levison)

Menu (Photo by Chloe Pope-Levison)

The Wild Detectives, a bar and independent bookstore in Bishop Arts, is designed as a place for  people to talk about literature, culture, and life – all with a Spanish gin and tonic in hand (the bar’s most popular drink). The name of the business is loosely based on the book, “Los detectives salvajes,” by Robert Bolaño, which means “The Savage Detectives.” Andrés de la Casa-Huertas, brand communicator at The Wild Detectives, said that the translation was not optimal, so Garcia del Moral and Vicque added their own spin on it.

The Wild Detectives Twitter Feed“The whole idea of the wild detectives is that these people are inspectors of culture and experiences, so it made sense to us to use a similar name,” de la Casa-Huertas said.

The book selection at The Wild Detectives is a carefully curated combination of popular industry titles, local authors, and books from independent publishers. Yet as more independent bookstores open throughout Dallas, such as Deep Vellum and Interabang Books, patrons of The Wild Detectives will see an evolution in the books on display at the bar.

Andres' Top Picks“Because before we were the only independent bookstore, we were balancing curation with latest releases,” de la Casa-Huertas said. “Now that there are new bookstores in Dallas, we will curate every book and change the way we display them, pushing authors we like, and showing a selection of their best books. We’re pushing toward the bookstore that we had in mind at the beginning.”

The Wild Detectives hosts numerous events monthly, including book presentations, book clubs, and concerts. Lauren Smart, the former arts and culture editor of the Dallas Observer, partnered with the bookstore to put on Women Galore, a one-month festival celebrating women in literature and the arts. Don’t fret if you missed it last year – Smart and The Wild Detectives are teaming up to do the festival again in May.

If May is too many months away, The Wild Detectives will celebrate its third anniversary with a day-long festival on March 25, 2017. Local bands will perform on the back patio, and the line-up
features a DJ from Madrid.

In the meantime, The Wild Detectives provides a place for patrons to indulge their literary (and boozy) passions and meet others with similar inclinations.

“We like to think the bar allows people to enjoy like hanging out and have conversations around literature or culture,” de la Casa-Huertas said. “It’s a nice spot for people to open up and talk.


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