Show, Don’t Tell

Email. FaceTime. Text. Skype. Instant Messenger. Google Hangouts.

With the myriad ways to communicate today, there should be no miscommunication – right?


Often it seems as though the more communication devices that exist the higher the potential for miscommunication.

Until now.

Snagit screen capture software for Macs and PCs is a flexible and powerful way to harness the power of images and videos to effectively communicate your point. Snagit employs the saying “show, don’t tell,” by allowing users to take a screenshot of their computer screen, modify that screenshot to clearly communicate their idea, and deliver that idea and information to others.

Snagit allows users to screenshot entire pages (Photo from

Snagit allows users to screenshot entire pages (Photo from

Not your mother’s screenshots  

Snagit software allows users to capture panoramic views of the screen, as well as scroll down the page of a website to grab a full-page screenshot. Yes, you understood it correctly – Snagit lets users take a full-page screenshot, even if the page is not showing on the screen. In this way, users will have one full screenshot instead of partial shots that must be pieced together.

Not only can Snagit users capture a computer screen and website, but they can also record full Skype calls or Google hangout sessions, complete with audio. This feature allows users to go back through calls and review the information a second (or third or fourth) time.

Enhance screenshots (Photo form

Enhance screenshots (Photo form

Up your screenshot game  

You have the desired screenshot of the page or image you want to capture. What now? With Snagit, it is possible to customize and markup every screenshot with high-quality tools. Users can utilize arrows and shapes, input text boxes, highlight key terms, and resize images to effectively communicate their desired points and ideas. Users can also edit video recordings, taking out sniffles and pauses, to make you sound eloquent and well-informed. No one need be the wiser!

Show, don’t tell

Have you ever spent hours on the phone with someone, or gone back and forth on email, trying to explain a concept that you wish you could just show the other person? Snagit software eliminates communication blunders by allowing users to show the other person what they want to communicate, even if that person is thousands of miles away. By facilitating efficient and clear communication, Snagit makes it possible for users to focus on work that is imperative in their job.


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